Why is the City doing traffic calming along McIntyre Drive and not on other neighbourhoods at this time?

    The City has heard major concerns from residents of the McIntyre neighbourhood and citizens of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation regarding traffic and road safety, particularly along McIntyre Drive. This is the City’s first major dedicated traffic calming project and the City is using this project as a potential framework to explore traffic calming opportunities in other neighbourhoods throughout the City.

    Is the City doing traffic calming projects and initiatives in other neighbourhoods?

    The City is not doing traffic calming projects in other neighbourhoods at this time.

    How can I get traffic calming in my neighbourhood?

    The City is not considering traffic calming in other neighbourhoods at this time. 

    The City has heard from residents about the desire for more traffic calming in residential neighbourhoods. Through the development of the Transportation Master Plan, the City is exploring ways to potentially formalize a traffic calming policy with the goal to create an equitable and consistent approach that considers the needs of all road users, maintenance operations, emergency response needs, and impacted residents.