New Mobility

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What do you think about new mobility and the future of transportation? 

How should Whitehorse prepare for new forms of mobility? What do you think Whitehorse can do to accommodate existing and future transportation technology?

How do you think new mobility will help us meet our accessibility, equity, safety, and sustainability goals for our transportation network? Do you think it help or hinder us from achieving our goals and targets?

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Imagine a world in which the entire vehicle fleet was electric. How about a world where you could request an automated vehicle for hire. What if we started using jetpacks and flying around the place?

The future of transportation is coming. In some ways, the future is already here and emerging. We have electric vehicles on our roads, our vehicles are becoming more connected and smarter. People are using e-mobility devices on our roadways, sidewalks, and pathways such as e-scooters and e-bikes. It is not necessarily a matter of if, but a matter of when and how we will welcome the future of transportation in Whitehorse.

Lime E-bike Sharing in North Vancouver, BC


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